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Tuesday August 26th, the Belgian feminist activist group Lilith’S took Liège airport by storm to condemn the airport authorities’ role in supplying arms to Israel. Under a banner bearing the slogan “HOW MANY TONS OF WEAPONS FOR SO MANY LITERS OF BLOOD ? “, the activists spilled a hundred liters of fake blood, creating a red pool to symbolize the slaughter committed by Israel in Palestine.

this is so awesome that I can’t even begin to comprehend. Applause for them. 


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Bird and Wind

You are a bird
that burned 
through its cage
and made
its escape
like meaning
leaves a word
when i try to explain
why you should up
and fly away
rather than stay
here with me
where the rain
falls too heavily
to fly-
I am the wind
and i’ll help
propel your wings
but i have no destination
just perpetual animation
so i’ll spiral
and you’ll sing
i’ll howl
and you’ll bring
the mornings
into life
I await the dark of night
where i’ll open doors up for you
and encourage you to fly

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